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Irfan View

Screenshot of Irfanview - Image Viewer

This is a great image viewer, even though all the features below may look overwhelming to some - believe me, it really is a simple to understand and use program! It has to be or I wouldn't be able to use it!!. You can view single images, thumbnails of whole folders and you can even create a thumbnail web page with each picture linking to original sized one. Lots more this program has to offer, and it is completely FREE. Filters, ability to resize, rename, copy to, move to ..... etc.

IrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use)
32-Bit graphic viewer for Windows 9x, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support. One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIFF support The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support

Thumbnails, Preview, Drag & Drop Support, fast Directory View (fast moving through directory), Print Support, Scan (TWAIN) Support, Slideshow, Batch conversion, change the color depth, audio CD player, Capturing, Cut/Crop, Effects (Blur, Sharpen etc.) and many many more ...
Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware Messages like "I Agree" ...

Available plugins:

  • MP3 - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play MP3 files.

  • IV_PLAYER - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play video/sound/audio-cd files (AVI, MPG, WAV, MIDI, CDA, WMA, ASF, AIF, SND etc.)

  • FPX - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read FlashPix files.

  • LWF - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read/write LuraWave LWF files.

  • LDF - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read/write LuraDocument LDF files.

  • EMAIL - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to send images as emails.

  • PCD - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Kodak PhotoCD files (high resolutions).

  • JPG Transformation - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to process lossless JPG transformations.

  • QUICKTIME - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play Apple Quicktime movies.

  • KDC - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Kodak Digital Camera files.

  • Filter Factory - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to use Filter Factory 8BF files (Photoshop PlugIns).

  • FORMATS - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read some rare image formats (G3, RAS, BioRAD, Dicom/ACR, Mosaic, XBM, XPM, GEM-IMG, SGI/RGB, WBMP, EXIF-Information from EXIF-JPEGs).

  • FLASH - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read Macromedia's Flash/Shockwave files.

  • DJVU - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to read AT&T DJVU files.

  • RA-Player - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to play Real Audio RA files.

  • Filters Unlimited - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to use Filters Unlimited files (Photoshop PlugIns and filters).

  • NCC - PlugIn: allows IrfanView to display NCC information from JPG, GIF and PNG files.

  • Version 3.70 ( - CURRENT VERSION - ) (Release date: 20.04.2002)
    The below features have been added/amended etc

  •  Creating of EXE/SCR files for presentations (in Slideshow dialog)

  • Support for MNG/JNG formats (PlugIn)

  • Support for MrSID format (PlugIn)

  • Support for ECW format (PlugIn)

  • Support for MRC format (PlugIn)

  • Support for WAD format (WAD3, thanks to DrkShadow, PlugIn)

  • Support for TTF format (True Type Fonts, in Formats PlugIn)

  • Support for RAW format (in Formats PlugIn)

  • Support for Canon CRW format (high resolution, VERY slow, using Canon DLLs, PlugIn)

  • New option: "Properties->PlugIns->Set TTF text"

  • New menu: Image->Effects browser (Effects preview + settings)

  • New effect: "Image->Red eye reduction" (in the selection), very simple

  • New nice feature: Create Panorama Image (image menu)

  • Improved resize/resample dialog (support for cm/inch resize)

  • Improved batch dialog; Advanced batch options are saved

  • New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Close TWAIN after acquire" (Default: ON)
    (Setting OFF can be used for manual batch scanning)

  • New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Show PNG alpha/transparency color"

  • New nice feature: support for TXT format, see also: "Properties->Misc. 3"

  • New menu: File->Open ASCII file (TXT, INI, HTML, C, H, PAS, JAVA, DFM etc.)

  • The selection can be resized using left mouse button

  • Zoom into selection with the left mouse button (zoom to window)

  • New feature for administrators: "ShowExtensionsDlg" for INI file, example:
    => hide the extension dialog from properties

  • EXIF information from JPGs is also saved in a new JPG

  • New EXIF PlugIn

  • New multipage TIF option: "Append image to TIF" (view->multipage images)

  • Toolbar can be customized: "Properties->Misc. 3" or double click on toolbar

  • The left/right keys (<-,->) can be also used for browsing through directory

  • Improved black/white TIF saving ("fixed" old and stupid 'Windows Imaging' bug)

  • Context menu for Thumbnail tree

  • New command line option: /bpp=BitsPerPixel
    Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /bpp=8
    Supported BPP-values: 1, 4, 8 and 24 (decrease/increase color depth)
    => Open 'c:\test.jpg' and reduce to 256 colors

  • MP3 player is hidden in slideshow mode (can be used for background music)

  • New print option for multipage images in print dialog: Page range

  • FSH format saving added, thanks to GreyMana

  • Improved command line option "/print"; Support for custom printers:
    Example: i_view32.exe c:\test.jpg /print="Printer Name"

  • Improved command line option "/ini" = support for custom folders:
    Example: i_view32.exe /ini="c:\temp\"

  • New options in "Properties->Misc. 2" for slideshow/batch dialogs

  • Two new variations for "fit to desktop": fit to desktop width/height

  • Option to stretch small images for Contact sheet and Thumbnails

  • "Count colors used" moved to Image info dialog

  • These PlugIns are changed/added, please install the newest versions:
    Formats, Flash, EaFSH, SFF, DJVU, EXIF, JPG-Transformation, MP3, IPTC

  • Some minor bugs/features fixed/added

Note: This is a free program for non commercial use. A site license is only $10.

Go to their site for more information and to download for FREE IrfanView. 

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