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Photo Gallery Wizard screenshot    Photo Gallery Wizard screenshot


  How the Wizard works

When you use the Wizard, depending on the layout you choose, Front Page creates three pages which are saved in the photo folder, along with the thumbnail images. These pages are real.htm, real_p.htm and real_x.htm.

The real_x.htm and real_p.htm are "templates" that the Wizard uses and from those the final gallery is created - the real.htm

The real_x.htm
This is written in xml code and contains all the options that are available to the Wizard. So when you tell the Wizard that you would like the Vertical Layout, with three images per row, and thumbnail is to be 100 pixels wide, font to be red etc etc.

The real_p.htm
This contains all the table data, including your images and links, in fact in normal view or preview looks just like your gallery - with one exception - it is missing certain code which only appears in the final gallery.

The real.htm
When you have finished with the Wizard and your Gallery is inserted into your page - at this stage the real.htm is created. Information supplied to the two other pages is "read" - any required JavaScript is also inserted.

So these three pages are important.  Only if you are going to customise the final gallery will these pages be used - but wrong use could result in the Gallery either not working or being deleted altogether. So please check out the Customisation tutorial first.

Once the Wizard has all the information and you save your Gallery - it then creates thumbnails for you from the larger images.


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