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Photo Gallery - Preparation prior to inserting it


Various problems can occur when customising a gallery. Also if you have more than one gallery - because of FrontPage's naming system, it can be confusing as to which FrontPage folder belongs to which gallery. The following preparation steps are not essential, they are really aimed at those with more than one gallery - also to avoid confusion between the naming of the larger images and thumbnails. I have had various emails from people where at a later date they have merged the contents of folders ... and lost their thumbnails, or have customised galleries - and during the process lost the whole gallery.. This whole tutorial is aimed at those type of mistakes becoming impossible to make. If you wish to take shortcuts, and only follow part of the tutorial, then please do, but suggest you first read through the tutorial before deciding which steps to miss out.

 Before you insert the Photo Gallery, a little preparation will be required.

  1. Create a folder and name it "my_photos" or whatever you choose.
  2. Inside that folder import all the large images you will be using in your gallery. You do not have to create thumbnails - Front Page does that for you.
  3. Create a new page and save it into the folder - this will be your main photo gallery page - the one with the clickable thumbnails on. You can use a template or pre-designed page - just make sure you leave enough room for the gallery - the slide show requires more width than the others. 
  4. If you will be having more than one photo gallery, then repeat steps 1 to 3 for each one ..... that way you will not get into a muddle.

Below you will see screenshot of part of this web, and a folder I created for the "Plants" photo gallery.  Inside it I have my larger images, the page displaying the gallery (plants.htm) and also images for the template my page uses.

Content of Plant folder prior to inserting Gallery

Decide which Gallery layout you would like. If you are not sure, then once you have inserted one of the layouts, it is very simple procedure to change to a different one.

Next: Selecting the Layout


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