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About Layouts    Horizontal    Vertical    Montage   Slide Show

There are four different layouts you can choose from.

  1. Horizontal - thumbnail images are displayed in rows, with text underneath.
  2. Vertical - thumbnail images are displayed in rows, with text alongside.
  3. Montage - thumbnails are placed on the page like a collage. This is the only layout where no text is added, but when you mouse over the images, a description is then given - as with the alt text for any image.
  4. Slide Show - thumbnails are presented in a scrollable row going across the page and the larger image is underneath. As a thumbnail is clicked on, the new image appears below with descriptive text.

The vertical and horizontal layouts have more flexibility when it comes to creating the gallery, although the montage layout is the easiest to customise after gallery has been made.

The slide show is a set width, and if being incorporated into a template design, ideally an expandable template is required (i.e. one that expands in width as well as length). A template designed for 800 resolution only, will probably expand too much unless you have quite small thumbnails. The slide show layout is not customisable unless you are quite competent at understanding and using divs, layers and JavaScript.

About Layouts    Horizontal    Vertical    Montage   Slide Show


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