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Known Problems as (or as not!) reported by Microsoft.

FrontPage photo gallery text description, caption wont save.
When you type in the description or caption and save your page. The images save but not the text. This is connected with Internet Explorer. You need to uninstall Internet Explorer then reinstall it. If you have IE7 beta, and a reinstall does not cure the problem. Then uninstall it and reinstall IE6.

Photo Gallery May Not Show All Images
When you try to view a Photo Gallery object on the FrontPage Preview tab, or browse the page in your Web browser, you may not see all the images in the Photo Gallery. This symptom occurs if you view your FrontPage Web on any of the following:
An Apache server-based Web
A UNIX server-based Web.
A FrontPage 98 disk-based Web.

Slide Show Thumbnails Are not Displayed Correctly in Web Browser
When you preview in a browser a Microsoft FrontPage 2002 Web page that contains a slide show photo gallery, you may see five thumbnails initially. But, when you click the right arrow, you may see only four thumbnails; and, when you click the left arrow to go back, you see five thumbnails.

Photo Gallery Layout Is Missing
When you view the layout formats that are available for a new photo gallery, you do not see all of the four default layouts. For example, the Slide Show layout may be missing. Running Detect and Repair may not resolve the problem.
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Caption and Description in Photo Gallery Are Not in Times New Roman, or selected font, If Theme Is Applied
When you insert an image into a photo gallery and a theme is applied to your web, if you select Times New Roman as the custom font, the image captions appear in the theme's font, instead of Times New Roman. When you apply a theme and you insert a photo containing formatted text, text in your photo appears with the theme's default font (Trebuchet MS), instead of the font that you selected.


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