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Photo Gallery - how to customise

When you customise the gallery, any further use of the Wizard will overwrite all your customisation. So what we are going to do, is let the Wizard do all the hard work - create the thumbnails and the initial gallery - then we will say "Thanks very much, bye bye!" - and regain 100% control over the layout.

To customise a gallery, one of the pages Front Page creates will be used. However, I have found that by altering or deleting redundant code/pages in the wrong order, causes Front Page to think you no longer require the gallery, and without warning it deletes the entire gallery - including the thumbnails it created. There are a variety of ways in which to customise the gallery, without this happening. The method I have chosen, may to some accustomed to doing this, seem to be taking the long route  - but for the novice it will not only ensure the gallery is not lost, but will keep related files organised and easily found.

JavaScript is used in some of the layouts - unfortunately it does not view well in some versions of Netscape (what's new!) so you will need to be able to identify this code. If you have never come across JavaScript before, then the following will help you to find it.

Open any created web page in HTML view. Code used on the page can be color coded, we need the JavaScript to have a good contrast so it can easily be seen without having to hunt for it.  On the top toolbar, click on Tools/page options/color coding. Now select your colors. The image below shows the colors I use.  Also make sure the check box "Show color coding" is checked.

choose your colors

This is now how my HTML view appears - notice how the JavaScript stands out in the green. That is the type of code we will be looking for.

color coding

All your web pages will now display that color coding in the HTML view.

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